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FOX Business
Feb 19, 2013 7:00pm EST
to such charges, that is the obama administration to basically say nothing. >> good evening. this is the theme in washington. i think the silence in this town has been absolutely deafening, and we have not put this as a priority in this administration, and we continue to take the hits, we continue to see the industrial base eroded by chinese purchases, transfer of technology, cyber theft, intellectual property, trade theft, intellectual property theft, it is just an incredible, almost tom clancy type novel emerging here in washington. lou: you and i have talked about the attack on the united states. the military technological secrets, knowledge-based, 3500 companies, front companies for china, we have cyber security firms, u.s. department of defense, this administration as if they have never heard of this before, there is this little country in the mainland called china attacking us daily. >> it is about 6 million cyber attacks per day. lou: 6 million per day. >> that only defense establishment, but going against corporations and private organizations lay charities, they are attacking institut
FOX Business
Feb 21, 2013 7:00pm EST
in the linda congressional session in the fiscal. >> debate, president obama issued his threat. >> what has been holding us back is the dysfunction here in washington. and if people start seeing that on january 1st this problem still has not been solved. if they save that people's taxes have gone up, which means consumer spending is going to be depressed, then obviously that will have an adverse reaction on the markets. lou: and, of course, that is exactly what has transpired as we now approach the onset of sequestered. took a long time, but president obama today finally reach out to the republican leaders to talk sequester, talking by phone with the speaker and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has our report. >> with just eight days ago, president obama please call today on the budget calamity to speaker of the house and senate minority leader. mccaw's office said it was the first time mr. obama called in since new year's eve. as white house officials faced questions on whether the buck stops with the president. >> the president is c
FOX Business
Feb 20, 2013 7:00pm EST
, a democratic consultant. washington examiner chief political correspondent. the speaker with his voice in the "wall street journal" op-ed. i mean, he related up. it is on obama. it is his mess. he needs to figure out how to fix it instead of just caterwauling with eight local news anchors and television news anchors. what do you think? >> well, you know, the speaker did more than just blame barack obama for the sequestered. he also completely adopted the democratic rhetoric about the sequestered. he said that the sequester would threaten u.s. national security and thousands of jobs. that is a quote. which leads you to the question, republicans support the sequester. they will make sure that it happens unless -- very unlikely event that the democrats would come up with an entitlement spending. it would ttreaten national security and threaten thousands of jobs, why are republicans supporting it? you would think that republicans would argue that a sequester is a relatively small budget cuts need to make a start on bringing runaway federal spending under control, and that's why it's necess
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)